Conference Program

Monday September 23, 2013: Pre-conference

12.00 – 16.00: Consortium for Electronic Literature (CELL): Business meeting, (room to be assigned)
19h00 – 21h30 : inaugural event co-organised with the BPI, petite salle of the Centre Pompidou. Admission is free subject to availability
– 19h00 : Debate “Chercher le texte”
– 20h00 : Performances

Tuesday September 24, 2013: Day 1, BnF | François-Mitterand

9:00: Registration
10:00 – 10:30: Opening
10:30 – 12:15:

Session 1
  • Roundtable on remediation of French literature: Philippe Bootz, Douglas Duteil, Alexandra Saemmer
  • Elodie Bertrand and Jean-Philippe Humblot, “La littérature numérique : un patrimoine à pérenniser”
  • Alexandra Saemmer, Lucile Haute et Aurélie Herbet, “Conduit d’Aération : un projet de recherche et création”
  • Samantha Gorman, Reader/Author “Control of the Edit” in the Novella App “Penumbra”

12:15 – 12:45: Inauguration de l’exposition “les littératures numériques d’hier à demain”
12:45 – 14:00: Lunch
14:00 – 15:45:

Session 2
  • Agnieszka Przybyszewska, “Literacy between book, page and screen – on Between Page and Screen by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse”
  • Jean-Didier Wagneur (BnF | François-Mitterand), “Hypertextualité(s)”
  • Kyle Rimkus, “Hostages of the Ephemeral: A Preservationist View of Electronic Literature”
  • Joseph Tabbi, “Relocating the Literary: In Networks, Knowledge Bases, Global Systems, Material and Mental Environments”

15:45 – 16:00: Coffee Break
16:00 – 17:45:

Session 3
  • Anaïs Guilet, “Au seuil du livre : les œuvres hypermédiatiques d’Andy Campbell (The Rut, Surface, Paperwound)”
  • Gaétan Darquié, “Architextualité et programmes d’écriture pour les textes interactifs littéraires”
  • Anna Nacher, “The Humument App by Tom Phillips as a liberature: between text and embodiment”

18:15 – 19:45: Performance at the BnF | François-Mitterand

Wednesday September 25, 2013: Day 2, EnsAD

9.00: Dominique Cunin (EnsadLab), “EnsadLab’s art research on mobile screens and reading contexts : an overview”
9.30 – 11.15:

Session 5 – Literary Art as Research
  • Dominique Cunin, “EnsadLab’s art research on mobile screens and reading contexts: an overview”
  • Odile Farge, “The Awareness of the Power of the Tool: the Author and his Practices”
  • Serge Bouchardon, “The “research and creation” approach in digital literature”
  • Matteo D’Ambrosio, “Une “poésie numérique”? Khlebnikov et Jakobson”

11.15 – 11.30: Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.15:

Session 6 – Game
  • Patrick Jagoda, “Digital Games and Electronic Literature: Toward an Intersectional Analysis”
  • Jim Brown, “Limbo and the Edge of the Literary”
  • Stephanie Boluk & Patrick LeMieux, “The Phantom Pain, The Helen Keller Simulator, and Disability in Games”

Respondent: Nick Montfort

Session 7 – Materialities, Fictions, Formalisms
  • Davin Heckman, “Literature in a State of Emergency”
  • Lyle Skains, “The Materiality of the Intangible: Literary Metaphor in Multimodal Texts”
  • Yra Van Dijk, “Approaching the Real- materiality in digital literature”
  • Philippe Bootz & María Inés Laitano, “Cross-reading: a tool of indexing analyses”

13.15 – 14.30: Lunch
14.30 – 16.15:

Session 8 – Traduire et préserver des œuvres numériques : Les projets du Laboratoire NT2 : La revue bleuOrange et L’Abécédaire du Web (roundtable)

Alice Van Der Klei, Bertrand Gervais, Sophie Marcotte, Joëlle Gauthier, Ariane Savoie, Geneviève Has, & Joanne Lalonde

Session 9 – Time, Space, Interface
  • Maria Angel & Anna Gibbs, “The Ethos of ‘Life’: digital writing and the temporal animation of space”
  • Will Luers, “‘Make Me Think’: Composing the Narrative Interface”
  • Mark Marino, “Close Reading E-Literature”

16.15 – 16.30: Coffee Break
16.30 – 18.15:

Session 10 – Post-human, Post-print, and the Dialogical Present
  • Andrew Michael Roberts, “Imagination, Interactivity and Ethics in Electronic Literature”
  • Manuel Portela, “Scripts for Infinite Readings”
  • Søren Bro Pold & Christian Ulrik Andersen, “E-lit experiments in post-print literary culture”
Session 11 – Varieties of Translation
  • Nick Montfort, Stephanie Strickland, Monika Górska-Olesińska & Mariusz Pisarski, “On Montfort and Strickland’s Sea and Spar Between”
  • Arnaud Regnauld, “Translating Afternoon, a story by Michael Joyce, or How to Inhabit a Spectral Body”
  • Stéphane Vanderhaeghe, “Translating the Virtual — Michael Joyce’s Afternoon, a story”

20.30 – 22.00: Performances at Le Cube-Centre de création numérique

Thursday September 26, 2013: Day 3, EnsAD

9.30 – 11.15:

Session 12 – Writers on Writing
  • Samantha Gorman, “Community Repository of Writers on Writing”
  • Johannah Rodgers, “Beyond Binaries: Continuity and Change in Literary Experimentation in Response to Print and Digital Technologies”
  • Dene Grigar, “<> Curating Electronic Literature as a Critical Practice”
Session 13 – Game Again
  • Michael Heron, “Authorship and Autership in the Collaborative Development Process of Text-Based Games”
  • Richard Holeton, “The Game Walkthrough as Novel: Linear Plaintext or Transmedia E-lit?”

11.15 – 11.30: Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.15:

Session 14 – Digital Distancing
  • Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg, Elisabeth Nesheim & Luciana Gattass, “Distant Readings of a Field: Using Macroanalytic Digital Research Methods to Data Mine the ELMCIP Knowledge Base”
Session 15 – Literary Locations and Landscapes
  • Brian Greenspan, “Golden Days, Silver Nights: Locating Utopia through Diminished Reality”
  • Matti Kangaskoski, “The Inexorable Speed of Pop – Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Dakota: a contemporary landscape?”
  • Janez Strehovec, “E-Literary Text in Nomadic Cockpit”

13.15 – 14.30: Lunch
14.30 – 16.15:

Session 16 – Consortium for Electronic Literature (CELL): Roundtable on Naming Authority and Interoperability
  • Joseph Tabbi, Davin Heckman, Lisa Swanstrom, Ewan Branda, Sandy Baldwin
Session 17 – Image, Sound, Text
  • John Barber, “Internet radio and electronic literature: locating the text In aural narratives”
  • Bryan Barrachina, “Tierra de Extracción: How Hypermedia Novels could enhance Literary Assessment”
  • Claudia Kozak, “Out of Bounds: Searching Deviated Literature in Audiovisual Electronic Environments”
  • Calum Rodger, “Reading the Drones: Working Towards a Critical Tradition of Interactive Poetry Generation”

16.15 – 16.30: Coffee Break
16.30 – 18.15:

Session 18 – Close Reading E-Lit (1)
  • Anastasia Salter, “Spirals of Meaning: Exploring Nonlinearity through Prezi’s Infinite Canvas”
  • David Boyles, “A Machine Made of Words by a Machine Made of Numbers”- Authorial Presence in Niemi’s Stud Poetry
  • Stéphan Hyronde, “La double démesure de l’oeuvre textuelle metastable”
Session 19 – Antecedents, Inheritances
  • Jerome Fletcher, “Does E-literature need a theory of language?”
  • Patricia Tomaszek, “Locating Literary Heritage in Paratexts: An Analysis of Epitexts in Electronic Literature”
  • Ugo Panzani, “Exopoiesis and literariness in the works of William Gibson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph”

20.30 – 22.00: Performances at Le Cube-Centre de création numérique

Friday September 27, 2013: Day 4, EnsAD

9.30 – 11.15:

Session 20 – Transformations of the Literary
  • Jörgen Schäfer, “Rethinking Comparative Literature: Literary Studies in the Age of Electronic Media”
  • Lisa Swanstrom, “Nature’s Agents: Chreods, Code, Plato, and Plants”
  • Jonas Ingvarsson, “Towards a Digital Epistemology: Printed Texts and the Logic of Electronic Literature (with a reading of Torsten Ekbom’s »The Game of Signals»)”
Session 21 – Electronic Literature as World Literature (1)
  • Begoña Regueiro, MIriam Llamas & Amelia Sanz, “New literatures for a new imaginary: some hispanic case studies”
  • Beat Suter, “The development of German-language electronic literature”
  • Natalia Fedorova, “Russian E-lit, an Emerging Community. A report on Russian collection in the ELMCIP”

11.15 – 11.30: Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.15:

Session 22 – Aura in the Age of Computational Production (Roundtable)

Leonardo Flores, Kathi Inman Berens, J.R. Carpenter, Jason Edward Lewis, Erik Loyer, David Jhave Johnston & Nick Montfort

Session 23 – Electronic Literature as World Literature (2)
  • Tiffany Zerby &  Sandy Baldwin, “Editing Electronic Literature in the Global Publishing System”
  • Laura Borràs & Isaias Herrero, “Real-Time Digital Poetry Experiments with Xbox Kinect”
  • Carolina Gainza, “Modes of production and reception of electronic literature in Latin America. An analysis of “Tierra de extracción” from Doménico Chiappe and Andreas Meier”
  • Reheniglei Rehem, ” Panorama de la production scientifique au Brésil : cyberculture et poésie numérique  (2000-2010″

13.15 – 14.30: Lunch
14.30 – 16.15:

Session 24 – Close Reading E-Lit (2)
  • Gwen Le Cor, “Iteration, you see: Floating text and chaotic reading/viewing in slippingglimpse”
  • Maja Murnik, “To Grasp or not to Grasp. A Phenomenological Approach to Serge Bouchardon’s E-Literary Pieces”
  • Philippe Castellin, “1995-2013 : inventaire des poésies numériques en ligne”
Session 25 – Versioning, Vanishing
  • Maria Engberg, “Here & There, Now & Then: The Panoramic Narrative”
  • Sandy Baldwin, “The Absence and Potential of Electronic Literature”
  • Marjorie Luesebrink, “One + One = Zero – Vanishing Text in Electronic Literature”
  • Giovanna Di Rosario, “Where Is the Text? The Disappearance of the Text in Electronic Poetry”

16.15 – 17.00: Closing
Off Course: Escuela del Caos (Performance)

Saturday September 28,2013: Post-Conference

9.00 – 12.00: ELO business meeting.