The Fetch

The Fetch is a double-reading. Projected digital texts are read by one performer while the second performer searches the net for double texts which use the same combination of four word groups to be found in the projected text. ‘Fetch’ has a double meaning here. In Gaelic folklore, it is the wraith or doppelganger which is seen as a premonition of someone’s death. Secondly, The fetch cycle is the basic operation by which a computer retrieves and executes a program instruction from its memory. Thus the reading performs the theme, “Chercher le texte”.

Jerome Fletcher is Associate Professor of Performance Writing at Falmouth University and director of the Digital Text Research Group. He is also a published writer of children’s books, literary concept books and maker of artist’s books. He has made performances at the Barbican in London, Kunsthalle Vienna, Leo Koenig Gallery in New York, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Paris, Budapest among other places. His digital textwork,Pentimento was short-listed for the New Media Writing Prize 2012.

Caden Lovelace is a net artist, performer, writer and developer based in Falmouth, Cornwall. His recent works include the curatorial new-culture project ƒAULT, and the never-ending video-art site GIFDRIFT.BIZ. His interests include alt lit, internet culture, and non-literary digital text. He is emphatically not interested in high-technology nor in the techno-spectacular, preferring instead to focus on the understated, the one-off, the simple, and the secret.

Date: Monday September 23, 2013 : 20h00 – 21h30
Place: BPI – Petite salle du centre Pompidou