Writing to be Found

Writing to be Found is a 15 minute performance of digital language art, presented live and intermixed with preprocessed recordings and some complementary visual material. I propose to perform this writing, live, accompanied by programmatically controlled recordings and by the real-time projection of digital readers. The writing that is generated has, I claim, significant and affective interest, but arguably no human ‘voice.’ In the proposed performance, I will give literal voice to the generated texts in various ways. I turn them into writing by giving them voice, such that, after the performance, they may, at last, be dissociated from a human person who made them present. This performance emerges from and relates closely to a long-term collaboration with Daniel C. Howe, The Readers Project.

John Cayley makes digital language art, particularly in the domain of poetry and poetics. Recent and ongoing projects include How It Is in Common Tongues, a part of the The Readers Project with Daniel C. Howe, Imposition with Giles Perring, riverIsland, and What we will… Information on these and other works may be consulted at programmatology.shadoof.net. Cayley is Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University. Recently Cayley has become obsessed, agonistically, by Writing to be Found with/against language-driven network ‘services.’

Date: Thursday, Septembre 26, 2013 : 20h30 – 22h00
Place: Le Cube – 20 cours Saint-Vincent, Issy-les-Moulineaux