2013 Award eBook

Fleur Pellerin has visited the exhibition “Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain” for the Evening 2013 Awards Ceremony of the Digital Book

For the last days of “Chercher le texte : Locating the Text” exhibition, the Lab BnF was delighted to welcome Mrs. Fleur Pellerin, Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy. Fleur Pellerin has delivered the price of Digital Books readers of the Youboox community. Youboox is a young innovative start-up offering a streaming books reading.
Many media, Web, books VIP, authors and readers came and visited the exhibition during this evening.

Have a look to the Gallery.

Photos: © Youboox

“Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain” Guided Tour

"Les littératures d'hier à demain" Guided Tour

Photos: © Académie de Versailles

Nov 20, 2013: Twenty Literature teachers of the Académie de Versailles visited the exhibition during a tour.
Their first day was dedicated to “digital writing” so they discovered all facets of digital literature works.

As described as “exciting and innovative” the “Locating the text” exhibition was presented by Nolwenn Tréhondart, PhD researcher at Paris8.
“A militant literature, subversive, manipulative that challenges our reading habits, our relationship to books,” Nolwenn Tréhondart said.
Literature that reflects “an aesthetic of frustration, with works with some technical processes, are disappearing letters, words, which elude reading.”
Works where meaning may change constantly.  An aesthetic of the ephemeral.

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Festival Closing

Performance Maria Goicoechea & Mark Marino : Off Course: Escuela del Caos

Photos: © Odile Farge

Discours de clôture du festival

Photos: © Odile Farge

Sept 23, 2003 at BPI Centre Pompidou

Chercher le texte, Locating the texte starts today. Find below few photos of the Debate and Performances in “Petite salle” BPI Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Photos: © Odile Farge

Thematic Trail

Seven major thematic paths punctuate the exhibition Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain. They trace the outline and the origins of this literature and provide benchmarks to understand the context of these new interpretations and works.

1. First steps, first concepts
2. Beyond the book?
3. Recoding and translating digital works
4. From print to digital
5. Facets of digital lecture
6. Borders of texts
7. From the pen to the software: new aesthetics?

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Reminder: Monday September 23th and Tuesday September 24th, 2013 are free open day. Performances at Le Cube-Centre de création numérique and the admission to the exhibition “les littératures numériques d’hier à demain” at the Labo BnF – BnF | François-Mitterand are free also