Evolution is a online artwork that emulates the writing and compositions of poet and artist Johannes Heldén. The application analyzes a set of all published text- and sound-work by the artist and generates a continuously evolving poem that simulates Heldéns style : in vocabulary, the spacing in-between words, syntax. In this performance, the digital version of artist meets the original. The aim is to raise questions about authenticity, about the future, about physics and science fiction.

Johannes Heldén is an author, visual artist, musician. Born 1978, lives and works in Stockholm, he is the author of eight books, four digital interactive artworks, three full-length music albums. Previous solo presentations include Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Galleri Volt in Bergen, Stene Projects in Stockholm amongst others. Group exhibitions include “Against Time” at Bonniers Konsthall, “In Search of the Unknown” at NIMK Amsterdam, “Remediating the Social at Inspace” in Edinburgh amongst others.

Håkan Jonson is a programmer, publisher and artist. Born 1978, lives and works in Stockholm. His previous work includes sound creation, conceptual visual designs, hand-crafted books and paintings. He is one half of Irrlicht; a publishing house and record company which primary focus is the contemporary art scene.

Date : Monday September 23, 2013 : 20h00 – 21h30
Place BPI – Petite salle du centre Pompidou