“Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain” Guided Tour

"Les littératures d'hier à demain" Guided Tour

Photos: © Académie de Versailles

Nov 20, 2013: Twenty Literature teachers of the Académie de Versailles visited the exhibition during a tour.
Their first day was dedicated to “digital writing” so they discovered all facets of digital literature works.

As described as “exciting and innovative” the “Locating the text” exhibition was presented by Nolwenn Tréhondart, PhD researcher at Paris8.
“A militant literature, subversive, manipulative that challenges our reading habits, our relationship to books,” Nolwenn Tréhondart said.
Literature that reflects “an aesthetic of frustration, with works with some technical processes, are disappearing letters, words, which elude reading.”
Works where meaning may change constantly.  An aesthetic of the ephemeral.

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