Svaha, Tantra, Death: A Second Life Performance

Svaha, Tantra, Death is a shamanic operation on perceptions and inner experience. This performance does not involve showing existing work; instead, it creates a transformative event and its entangled representation. We will perform virtual generation, completion, and dance of Yamantaka, a Tibetan tantric deity. We will perform textual transformation of the world. We will be re-situating electronic literature performance practices in philosophical and corporeal register. The work moves from hi-speed text through generated clusters of Yamantaka, to ordered and disordered images of the natural world and its bodies.

Alan Sondheim is a writer, theorist, and new media artist who works in alternative realities and studies the interrelationships among the real, the virtual, and the digital. He has worked with choreography and dance, as well as music and video. His most recent book is Writing Under, distributed by WVU Press. His website directory is at; his soundwork may be found at; and his 2012 work as a resident of Eyebeam Art and Technology Center is at He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Sandy Baldwin is Director of the Center for Literary Computing at West Virginia University. Baldwin is a scholar of code, bodies and creativity in new media, with numerous essays on this topic. He is editor of electronic book review, co-editor and publisher of the Computing Literature book series, and Vice President of the ELO. His codework poetry is collected in several books and he creates glitched/interventionist computer game performances. For more than a decade, he has collaborated with Alan Sondheim on an exploration of performance and embodiment in virtual worlds.

Date: Monday, September 23, 2013 : 20h00 – 21h30
Place: BPI – Petite salle du centre Pompidou